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Welding practice!

Something I’ve recently been very keen to experiment with art-wise, has been welding. I’ve done a little bit in the past but for ages now have wanted to have another go. It seems an ideal way of working for me, in that I love collecting odd bits and pieces from the roadside, skips and the like, and then combining them (hopefully with as little effort/thought as possible) into something ‘meaningful’. Strangely, having mentioned this desire to buy a welder in passing conversion to some people I’ve been working with, I was most surprised when they bought one as a thank-you present! So, with grateful thanks to them, it’s off to the shed…

It took a while to remember all the things to do/not do of course, such as not touching the hot metal too soon after welding it, not raising the visor too early and getting a case of arc-eye, and especially not having anything too flammable nearby (I instantly managed to set fire to my entire stock of wire wool!).

Although I’ve got lots of projects in mind that will take care, time and effort to visualise, I thought I’d post up my first stumblings. Not sure what it is exactly, but I made this ornament (from old bike spanners and general scrap – it’s about 14cm x 55 cm) to go in my friend’s new garden (I’m guessing it will sit atop a pole or something, and hopefully weather/rust over time to a consistent finish).

Will post more as I do them (and when my burnt fingers have healed a bit!)

First welding attempt 

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So, here’s my first proper post, written from my friend’s house in the Algarve. I’m here for four days, on a working mini-break, to design and write a corporate ID, website and marketing literature for her new business venture.

Having moved here from the UK a year ago, Jackie and her partner are starting a yoga holiday/villa rental business and are working hard to turn their fabulous home into suitable accommodation. My bit of the endevour is going OK so far, but as always I’m running short of time! My flight home is on Sunday night and I’m still only half way through the initial website design – I think the other bits may have to be done back in the old UK! The weather here is not that great for some reason – it’s been a good incentive to stay in and sit at the PC working…

I’m not going to publish her new web address as yet, as I want to make sure it all looks/works ok before putting the site live for public scrutiny. Suffice it to say, if anyone is looking for a restful holiday in a rural/tranquil setting with fabulous mountain views (and a very cool infinity pool!) then keep coming back to check on progress.

I’m also encouraging Jackie to start a blog to record the various trials and tribulations she has encountered pursuing the venture so far – in the meantime, here’s a photo I took of the rear of the property during one of the rare hours of sunshine!

View from the pool


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Hi there and welcome to the first post of my new blog. I’m clearly still working on the inital look and content, but hope to post something up asap. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and please come again! Clive

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