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I’m really chuffed to have an article published about my crazy harp-guitar creation in the August 2008 edition of Guitar & Bass magazine.

To read the article click this link (open-mic) to open a PDF (2.2Mb) or visit my guitar site for more information.

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So, after the (relative) success of my Shears 1 sculpture, I promptly came across another set of old garden shears in a skip, this time with attractive wooden handles. Another rusty pole was obtained and the two pieces combined…

Shears II was instantly appropriated by a friend of mine who has just moved house and is starting a complete garden-makeover – here are a couple of photos…

In progress:

And in situ:

Next time, something a little more complex, I think!

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For a while now I’ve been finding/collecting a selection of old tools and garden implements from skips in my local area. These are often marvellously old rusty things, no longer any use for their original purpose. However, I always thought they would be great made into some sort of large garden sculpture.

I’m also fortunate to live above a shop that produces a ready supply of lengths of cast-off rusty piping, some quite long.

I been experimenting with fixing the tool heads to the end of the pipes, as if their origin handles were magically elongated. With a minimum of effort, they’ve suddenly became quite iconic looking items, particularly when silhouetted again a dimming sky.

My latest attempt is made with a set of garden shears, opened slightly to form a diagonal cross-shape. I’ve cut a groove into one end of the pipe to hold the shears, and also done a bit of rough welding to secure them in place. Already it’s quite striking, but in the future I think I’ll try adding some more elements such as maybe a bit of barbed wire etc wrapped around them…

Here’s a rough initial picture – will update this soon when I get some more ideas…

And here’s another quickie of it in situ

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I met up with a musician/producer this week called Clifford White who, through the wonderful power of Ning, has stared a new networking site for musicians, composers, producers & performers in my area (Hertfordshire, UK).

An established composer of New Age/Chill Out music, Clifford also runs his own studio and is very busy on a number of musical projects. This is how he describes the rationale behind his site:

After spending three whole days surfing the web for local Hertfordshire musicians, composers and producers, I realised there is no site dedicated to bring us lot together, so I have created one. Hopefully this should prove to be a useful facility in case any of us need to find other musicians based locally for gigs and studio work.

Although it’s still early days, the site already seems to be attracting a lot of members, and I am sure there are a lot more out there (I’m very fortunate to live in a very fecund area for musical talent for some reason?). It will be very interesting to see what musical collaborations come forth!

Herts Music Network

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