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My word!! Three years ago to the day, I started ‘Clivey’s Blog’!! (although I look back with shame at the poor content of that original post, I have to admit!)

How strange and new the world of blogging seemed to be then – how familiar and an integral part of my life it feels now.

Thanks to all of you I have met and conversed with over those three years – here’s to the next three. . .!!

Three today!!

Three today!!

(the photo above is actually taken from an older post I did back in 2009 – admittedly when I was in a less-than-positive mood – thought it was both appropriate, and also nice to show it again under slightly happier times!!)

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I don’t normally get political on this ol’ blog of mine (there are enough people out there doing that sort of thing far more effectively than I), but in this instance I wanted to help spread the word of a worthy cause in much need of some support…

One of my longest running clients is The Crescent, a Hertfordshire-based charity for those living with and affected by HIV. The funding for this 25 years old organisation has suddenly been withdrawn (under a less than properly orchestrated process, it would seem) and is due to close in June of this year.

In response to the threat of closure, a ‘Save The Crescent’ appeal has just been started (run mainly through another WordPress blog)… here is a bit of blurb from the Blog, but there are lots of ways to help on there as well (as well as some more general information, an initial report of how the appeal is going and some of the celebrities who are already getting behind the cause…)

About ‘Save The Crescent’

The Crescent is a support service for both those living with and those affected by HIV, their families, friends and support networks. It has been providing services for almost 25 years, reaching out to the community using support workers, and volunteers / peer educators, to promote safe sexual practices in all areas of the community, and provide support to those that need it, when they need it most.

It provides emotional, and practical support, in a safe and completely confidential environment. It provides free testing for HIV with results in 60 seconds, and free testing for Chlamydia as well.

This vital service is under threat of closure as its funding is being withdrawn in June without a specific replacement service being in place.

Hundreds of vulnerable people are at risk as services vital to their physical and emotional wellbeing are being withdrawn without consideration of the effects both short-term, and long-term.

It needs your help as the more people that support the campaign to prevent the closure the better, its a final chance for the people to have their say and stop this now. Please, please leave a message of support, it will be treated in the strictest confidence with only your comments used, never your identity.

If you prefer to write in support, the address is The Crescent Support Group, 19 Russell Avenue, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL3 5ES or email info@thecrescent.org.uk. Website www.thecrescent.org.uk

Thanking you for your support,

The friends of the Crescent.

Save The Crescent appeal

Save The Crescent appeal

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