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I’ve just made a new lamp and thought I’d share it with you…

The 'Jack Lamp'

The ‘Jack Lamp’

The 'Jack Lamp' - illuminated

The ‘Jack Lamp’ – illuminated

It’s made from a single car jack stand, which I found ages ago in a charity shop for a couple of quid. There was something about it which I instantly thought would make into a good floor standing light…

I was originally going to elongate it and make it into a tall standard lamp, but now really like the shorter creation it has remained. It looks great illuminating the corner of a room or behind a sofa – all the while retaining enough of its inducstrial origins to look perfect in a modern setting.

It’s also for sale!!! It runs on standard UK 240volts, so do get in touch if you want to know more details or are interested in it for your ‘loft style’ apartment or art gallery space!?

(since taking the photos I’ve varnished a few parts of the lamp so it generally now looks a bit ‘snazzier’ in places!)

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I thought I’d found all the remaining photos of my ‘lost and long-gone’ sculptures (posted in the following post), but I was amazed to find the following in a miscellaneous folder on my old Mac!

I’m really pleased about these photos as the piece they show was always one of my favourites! Called ‘Iron Totem’, it was a large wooden pole, pierced with a few rectangular holes, and wrapped / covered in all sorts of pieces of rusty iron. Finishing off the work was a large old saw blade atop the pole.

It was also one of the very first pieces of mine that I used a gear wheel on (now a stalwart of any good steampunk work!) – see Detail 3 photo below.

Now long gone (I am sad to say), here the the photos (they were all pretty small so I couldn’t enlarge them without losing lots of quality unfortunately). I hope you enjoy them – they make me a bit sad to be honest… (‘tho maybe I’ll make another one to replace it!!??)

Iron Totem - main view

Iron Totem – main view

Iron Totem - detail 1

Iron Totem – detail 1

Iron Totem - detail 2

Iron Totem – detail 2

Iron Totem - detail 3

Iron Totem – detail 3

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Last night on BBC4 was a fabulous documentary on the sculptor Barry Flanagan, and his tragic battle with motor neurone disease.

The Man Who Sculpted Hares – Barry Flanagan

The Man Who Sculpted Hares – Barry Flanagan

The programme is available on the BBC iplayer (probably for only 7 days or so) and I heartily recommend it if you have a spare hour or so…

I’ve always been a fan of Barry’s work – I was particularly lucky to walk / drive past one of his pieces most days for a few years as there is one of his ‘hare’ pieces at the head of the Capability Green Business park (where I used to work with the excellent StockdaleMartin agency).

Go check it out if you are in the area, and watch the programme while it’s still available…

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