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So, the first issue of Unicorn Magazine produced under ‘new management’ is finally out! We have printed and distributed over 3000 copies to over 60 venues in four counties in the last week or so… phew!

Unicorn Magazine Issue 123

Unicorn Magazine Issue 123

As the opening Editorial states, we have gone for an ‘evolution rather than revolution’ approach to the new publication – after all we have over 31 years of tradition to uphold and we don’t want to alienate our loyal readers overnight. The new magazine does feature however a fairly radical re-design (within the restrictions that every single millimetre of space has to be paid for from the tiny advertising revenue allow, of course), a new print process that uses a nice silky-finish stock and the new approach of printing a second colour rather than using a coloured stock.

The main new feature however is that for the first time we are offering a downloadable PDF of the magazine to augment the hard copies. Hopefully this will help encourage and solicit new readers, whilst helping to reduce the crippling postage and petrol costs incurred in the distribution. You can download Unicorn Magazine Issue 123 (15Mb!) here, or get it from the new Unicorn website here >>

Any feedback gratefully received as always – please also forward to as many people as you can who might be interested (either as readers, contributors or advertisers).

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