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Poster Update

Here’s a quick shot of Poster Number 4 in a bespoke frame (hand-made from oak and recycled glass by my mate SC)… see how wonderful it looks!

Framed poster

Framed poster

Gets yours today…

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Here’s a selection of resources / posters I’ve just created (originally for the Gadget and Goggles‘ exhibition) and which are now on sale.

Based on the ubiquitous ‘Keep Calm and Carry On‘ poster concept, these are (to my knowledge) the first ‘steampunk’ versions I have come across… (although there is nothing new under the sun of course so I am sure some exist somewhere!?).

Featuring a steampunky ‘geared’ crown logo they have a variety of straplines and come with either solid colour or textured backgrounds variations. They are printed in high quality, on a heavy weight stock, at SRA3 size – this means the poster outline itself is A3 but there is a small extra white border around each for ease of framing etc.

They retail at a mere £10.00 each (plus postage and packing, which will vary depending on location) but reductions can be made for multiple orders (email me for details)  – simply tell me the poster number and how many you want?

For £5.00 extra I can design and produce you a customised / bespoke version (in a specific colour, with your own strapline etc) – again get in touch with your ideas and we can see what we can do!

Fully framed versions are also available – I’ll be posting some examples and options up for these sometime soon – again simply get in touch if you want to chat anything over before then.

Steampunk 'Keep Calm' A3 poster No.1

Steampunk ‘Keep Calm’ A3 poster No.1

Steampunk 'Keep Calm' A3 poster No.2

Steampunk ‘Keep Calm’ A3 poster No.2

Steampunk 'Keep Calm' A3 poster No.3

Steampunk ‘Keep Calm’ A3 poster No.3

Steampunk 'Keep Calm' A3 poster No.4

Steampunk ‘Keep Calm’ A3 poster No.4

Steampunk 'Keep Calm' A3 poster No.5

Steampunk ‘Keep Calm’ A3 poster No.5

Steampunk 'Keep Calm' A3 poster No.6

Steampunk ‘Keep Calm’ A3 poster No.6

Steampunk 'Keep Calm' A3 poster No.7

Steampunk ‘Keep Calm’ A3 poster No.7

Steampunk 'Keep Calm' A3 poster No.8

Steampunk ‘Keep Calm’ A3 poster No.8

Steampunk 'Keep Calm' A3 poster No.9

Steampunk ‘Keep Calm’ A3 poster No.9

Steampunk 'Keep Calm' A3 poster No.10

Steampunk ‘Keep Calm’ A3 poster No.10

I’ve got lots more up my sleeve so will post these up as / when….

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Now that the Eastern Approaches exhibition is over a new exhibition has taken its place at the St Albans museum, and again I’ve got some of my work in it.

Called ‘Gadgets & Goggles‘ this is steampunk-themed show, mainly featuring the amazing collection of historical artifacts that has been put together over the years by Maurice Collins (which have been featured a lot over previous years on the tv, in books, etc)

The exhibition is free to visit and is on display until 13th April – check out the official museum page here for more details:


Here are some quick shots of my stuff (all taken at night at the private view so not the greatest quality I am afraid) but do get along to see the how if you can!

Three of my smaller pieces

Three of my smaller pieces

The large 'Tripus' lamp

The large ‘Tripus’ lamp

Detail from 'The Swamm Neck' lamp

Detail from ‘The Swamm Neck’ lamp

Gadgets and Goggles flyer

Gadgets and Goggles flyer

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2014 gets off to a brisk start, with the launch of Unicorn Magazine Issue 125.

At 48 pages this is our biggest issue to-date, packed with a wealth of interesting articles and ads for folk music / folk arts in our area.

Unicorn Magazine Issue 125

Unicorn Magazine Issue 125

Download the electronic version here, or visit the website for more details >>

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