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Here’s a little template that I use all the time in The Shed…

120 degree template

120 degree template

It’s really useful for welding legs / support structures together – I used it in the making of the legs for my Heavy Metal Flute stand for example, to make sure the legs were arranged at just the right angle.

Click here to download the 120º template >>

Here’s my preferred way of using the template:

  1. Print it out on a sheet of A4 (or any size that suits)
  2. Spray Mount this (or use sellotape etc, whatever works best for you!) onto a flat board, sheet of metal, bench surface etc.
  3. Find a way of fixing the items you want to join together, directly onto to the template. I tend to use largish metal ‘U” staples to fix round items (banging the staples astride the items into the surface of the supporting board), or using heavy weights to hold the bits and pieces down (I have made my own set of weights by filling a old tin cans (of a variety of sizes) with concrete)
  4. Then, with the items held firmly down to the template, simply weld away!
  5. The template obviously gets destroyed in the process, but who cares – simply print another one out!

I’ve also got a 90°  template that is also really useful – if anyone has a need for one at a specific set of angles, let me know and I’ll knock one up for you!

90 degree template >>

90 degree template

90 degree template

Hope they are of use? Although they are PDFs, they should be editable in most illustration programs such as Adobe Illustrator etc.


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