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Rather rashly last week, I somehow seem to have taken on yet another short-notice dep gig… My local ceilidh band (containing a load of friends of mine I’ve wanted to play with for ages) has temporarily lost their mandolin player through ill health. Although everyone hopes he’ll be up and about again as soon as is humanly possible (all the best Andy if you are reading this…) they urgently need a dep for a couple of gigs in a fortnight.

Unfortunately I’ve no idea how to play any of the tunes, which are all fiendishly fast and, on first listening at least, sound pretty much the same (but aren’t of course!!).

The learning process isn’t helped of course by my total inability to read music – the band has kindly presented me with a folio of hand written dots, but they may as well be in Martian for all the help they are to me! What I do have however is a cd of live material ­containing about 15 tunes (or ‘sets’) in all. As is the wont with folk dance music however, each set is made up of 3 different tunes – so that leaves me approximately 45 tunes to learn in less than a fortnight…  Did I mention that the gig is also on the mandolin which isn’t exactly my first instrument!?

So, with headphones at the ready, I’ve ‘set to’! One thing that’s really helping are some sheets I drafted up ages ago of fretboard diagrams. I’ve always found them invaluable for jotting down all sort of notes, patterns, bits of tab etc, etc. So, I thought I’d post them up as downloadable PDFs in case anyone else needs them – I’ve got a version for both guitar, bass and mandolin so simply click on the links after the image below to download them (about 700Kb each).

Guitar fretboard diagram

Guitar fretboard diagram PDF >>

Bass fretboard diagram PDF >>

Mandolin fretboard diagram PDF >>

Hope they are of help/interest – I’ll let you­­ know how the first ceilidh gig goes! Wish me luck…



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