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It’s nice to receive feedback on something, even when it’s pointing out one’s own omissions or short-comings!

One of my guitar students was saying (or complaining. . . !) the other day about my free neck diagram PDFs… Although said pupil used them a lot and was very thankful for them, they didn’t really meet her needs very well. Being a beginner to the guitar, she really only plays things on the instrument that are located at the very top of the neck, well within the first five frets (and, to be honest, mainly in the first three frets)

To have a diagram that goes all the way up to 24 frets is therefore next to useless – she only fills things in on the uppermost portion (rendering that particular chart full) and only has three more available charts on that page. What is more, to fit the complete length of the 24 fret version on the page, the diagrams (through necessity) are rather small.

Oh, and the devices I had used to indicate the fret board numbers were too dark and made reading and writing on the lines hard….!

So, rather than being discouraged I have now produced the following set of diagrams, both showing just the top-most portion of the neck up to and including the fifth fret. The first has as total of 16 of these diagrams on one page (surely enough for any burgeoning student!) and one with single, yet massive, example

I have also reduced the intensity of the fret board marker device. . .

Guitar First Positionx16

Guitar First Positionx16

Guitar First Position Single

Guitar First Position Single

Click the links below to download the PDF files:

Guitar First Position x16 >>

Guitar First Position Single >>

Iteration is always part of any design process (ask my excellent designer friend AK about this!) and I now feel well and truly iterated-out!

Hope people find the new sheets useful – comments and feedback always appreciated.

I am now off for tea and a hot bun in the UK snow!


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The lovely SR just sent me a link to this site, all about the use of copper in modern design:



There are some really interesting pieces on there, as well as lots of useful resources and links to relevant sites – there is even a wonderful design competition running at the moment but I am mortified to learn that I am too old to enter!? Damn my aged limbs. . .

Despite that, this is a ‘must visit’ site for all copper/steampunk fans – visit the site here >>

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I saw this snippet in The Times Magazine supplement the other day (a friend gets it, not me honest!) about the fantastic designer Ross Lovegrove

Ross Lovegrove's notebooks

Ross Lovegrove's notebooks

Despite him being a truly wonderful designer and the piece being a very interesting and informative article, the bit that did make me doubt my own sanity was the paragraph in which he describes the special notebooks he uses to jot down his notes and diary entries:

‘When I finish one, I have to go to Venice to buy another’,

. . .he said of these brown leather covered notebooks, each with a leaf motif embossed on the front.

I currently use a Kraft notebook from Paperchase (it’s made of brown paper and board and I thought might give me a sort of quiet sophistication!) and I balked at even spending the £3.00 odd that it cost me – I had shopping guilt for ages at not simply using a 49p one from Wilkinson… But then I guess that marks the difference between me (unknown and poor) and Ross (internationally known and clearly rich enough to go all the way to Venice simply to purchase some stationery!)

Hey ho. . .

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So having etched the ‘Team Wah’ logo into a brass plate (see earlier post here) I finally got around to completing a display stand for it.

In that the brass plate I used for the etching had come from my old letterbox, it seemed sensible to make the rest of the letterbox (ie the surrounding part) into the basis of the stand. Combined with the usual staples of a bit of copper and brass pipework, an old tap, a cast off light fitting and a funky wooden base, the ‘steampunk styley’ result can be seen below.

'Team Wah' completed sign

I’ve still got a few bits and pieces to add here and there (the two brass supports either side of the flap are crying out for some widgety things to be added whenever I come across the right thing – and I may add a tiny light bulb inside the yellow bezel at some point. .  .)

It serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever, other than to be a bit of a talking point for clients etc. So far no one has tried posting anything through the flap, but it’s only a matter of time. . .

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Attention to detail

Near me is an old set of farm buildings that is extensively used as a tv/film location. A recent period production has just finished filming there (yet another Dickens remake, I suspect) and I swung by to have a look.

Tucked away on a side wall was a noticeboard prop, a series of posters which I am assume is seen for mere seconds on-screen, and probably only as fleeting background scenery even then. I was amazed therefore to see the amount of work and attention to detail that had gone into them – not only in the selection of paper type, the degree of weathering and the careful arrangement, but also in the choice of fonts and indeed the use of appropriate period text/content (not any old random Greek-speak/lorem ipsum here!).

I’m not sure the photo below does it justice, but I’m really looking forward to catching the final film somewhere and seeing just how much screen time this labour-intensive bit of set dressing gets

Period film/tv poster scenery

Addendum: here’s another interesting shot from the same film set – spooky!!



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So, here’s my first proper post, written from my friend’s house in the Algarve. I’m here for four days, on a working mini-break, to design and write a corporate ID, website and marketing literature for her new business venture.

Having moved here from the UK a year ago, Jackie and her partner are starting a yoga holiday/villa rental business and are working hard to turn their fabulous home into suitable accommodation. My bit of the endevour is going OK so far, but as always I’m running short of time! My flight home is on Sunday night and I’m still only half way through the initial website design – I think the other bits may have to be done back in the old UK! The weather here is not that great for some reason – it’s been a good incentive to stay in and sit at the PC working…

I’m not going to publish her new web address as yet, as I want to make sure it all looks/works ok before putting the site live for public scrutiny. Suffice it to say, if anyone is looking for a restful holiday in a rural/tranquil setting with fabulous mountain views (and a very cool infinity pool!) then keep coming back to check on progress.

I’m also encouraging Jackie to start a blog to record the various trials and tribulations she has encountered pursuing the venture so far – in the meantime, here’s a photo I took of the rear of the property during one of the rare hours of sunshine!

View from the pool


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