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In my life-long quest for interesting things that make musical noises, I’ve been getting a bit obsessed with strange items of home-made percussion recently. I’ve no idea why this has happened, as I’m a dyed-in-the-wool string player – still it’s always good to appreciate new things in life, I guess!

Anyway, the following is made from a set of core drillbits I’ve had for ages and realise, much to to my chagrin, have never used! What I have know about them for a while, however, is that they make an amazing chiming noise when you hit them with something – hence my idea of making them into some sort of percussion (rather  than leaving them to rust away in my drill-bit box in the shed).

I cleaned them up a bit, gave them a coat of spray varnish, and screwed them onto an old piece of oak. Simple! Hit them with a drum stick or metal bar and they make a really nice series of ‘chimes’, increasing in pitch as they decrease in size.

Peculiar Percussion Number 2

Peculiar Percussion Number 2

I guess they should be the first in my range of ‘Peculiar Percussion’, but I’m thinking my washboard project probably deserves the Number 1 slot.


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