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I’ve had the idea to try etching a brass plaque/sign to highlight a certain work project (the Team Wah Initiative – top secret!) so I’ve been investigating some possible approaches…

I thought my logo would make a good test attempt, as it’s made up of some simple shapes/lines. I scaled it to size in a vector drawing program, printed it out in black on paper, cut it out and spray mounted this mask onto a newly cleaned piece of brass (the flap from an old letterbox, about 3mm thick). I then painted over the mask with some enamel paint and, when dry, carefully removed it with a scalpel.

Time to etch – I dropped the plate into a plastic bath of PCB etchant (ferric chloride) and left overnight-ish (I forgot all about it to be honest, so it maybe stayed in there a bit long!)

The process went quite well, and left a very clean and surprisingly deep etch. Unfortunately I think the etchant started to seep through/under the enamel paint, so the previously smooth and shiny brass surface has been left pretty pitted.

My logo etched into brass plate

My logo etched into brass plate

Overall though, a useful exercise and I’m now ready to try the real project. Just need to work out how to prepare a new (much more complex) mask, and also source some new brass… Will post the results when completed.

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