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Further to the snippet shown in this previous post, my old mucker Gerald Roberts has just let me know that there are more, fuller length videos now up on the wibbly wobbly web re his participation in the Fault Line Living project…

Here are the details:

The Fault Line Living Crew, sponsored by the Royal Geographical Society and Land Rover, are making a series of documentaries about people who live on or close to earthquake faults. As part of this, Dr. Gerald Roberts of the Institute of Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR at UCL/Birkbeck), has made some videos visiting the epicentral area of the 2009 M6.3 L’Aquila Earthquake in central Italy. Dr. Roberts tries to define the role of “earthquake geology”, a new discipline in earthquake science, and attempts to show how this discipline can help seismology in earthquake forecasting.

Viewers can comment on the videos at the following website to document what they learned from the videos.


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