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Finally (after much tinkering, talking and tea-drinking) I have just about finished my Steampunk Tent Flag – complete with anemometer, additional turbine, copper flames,, fully telescopic poles and a variable colour LED night-light to name but a few features:

Steampunk Flag unveiled

Steampunk Flag unveiled

The purpose of this device is to act as a ‘marker’ for the tent which I am taking to a couple of large folk festivals this year, and I am hoping the flag will be dead handy as both a meeting point marker for friends, and also a simple way for me of finding my little tent in th vast sea of other tents, normally much larger tents, that always populate the usually over-crowded campsites!

I hope to post full construction details and a range of photos in the next few weeks – in the meantime I hae put a little ‘taster video’ of it on YouTube at the following link >>

(The video was quickly taken in my local park where I first set it up for a test run, and the soundtrack is a little snippet of my relatively new Droolin’ Lulu tune!)

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