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It’s nice to receive feedback on something, even when it’s pointing out one’s own omissions or short-comings!

One of my guitar students was saying (or complaining. . . !) the other day about my free neck diagram PDFs… Although said pupil used them a lot and was very thankful for them, they didn’t really meet her needs very well. Being a beginner to the guitar, she really only plays things on the instrument that are located at the very top of the neck, well within the first five frets (and, to be honest, mainly in the first three frets)

To have a diagram that goes all the way up to 24 frets is therefore next to useless – she only fills things in on the uppermost portion (rendering that particular chart full) and only has three more available charts on that page. What is more, to fit the complete length of the 24 fret version on the page, the diagrams (through necessity) are rather small.

Oh, and the devices I had used to indicate the fret board numbers were too dark and made reading and writing on the lines hard….!

So, rather than being discouraged I have now produced the following set of diagrams, both showing just the top-most portion of the neck up to and including the fifth fret. The first has as total of 16 of these diagrams on one page (surely enough for any burgeoning student!) and one with single, yet massive, example

I have also reduced the intensity of the fret board marker device. . .

Guitar First Positionx16

Guitar First Positionx16

Guitar First Position Single

Guitar First Position Single

Click the links below to download the PDF files:

Guitar First Position x16 >>

Guitar First Position Single >>

Iteration is always part of any design process (ask my excellent designer friend AK about this!) and I now feel well and truly iterated-out!

Hope people find the new sheets useful – comments and feedback always appreciated.

I am now off for tea and a hot bun in the UK snow!


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