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During the mini-sculpture trail exhibition I took part in recently, I received lost of kind comments on the support materials I had produced to go alongside the sculptures themselves.

I produced these very quickly, on a minimum budget, so I was glad to see they were well received! The photo below shows what I had made (and indeed what can be achieved with not much outlay) – here are a few notes:

Sculpture marketing materials

Sculpture marketing materials

The top row are some ‘Do Not Touch’ signs (completely ignored by most of the general public, I hasten to add!) – these I simply printed out in-house on good quality paper, spray mounted them to some foam board and cut them out (with nicely chamfered edges for that’ art gallery’ look and feel).

Below that on the left are some stickers which I got printed at the wonderful moo.com – all their products are excellent quality, very reasonably priced even for very small quantities, and all with extremely quick turn arounds.

Below these (again on the left) are some business cards. I only needed a very few for the very specific nature of the day, which the people at a C9 Creative had digitally printed for me – again excellent service and a very quick turn around.

The rather snazzy black business card boxes (which I attached to posts near the sculptures for people to take my card if they wanted to) are not business card holders at all, but rather metal cigarette cases from the excellent PoundLand high street chain (very snazzy they looked too!).

So, ‘geurilla marketing’ – the way forward for the struggling artist (or indeed any business) when the chips are down and money is tight!

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