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Last week I met up with an old school friend who I haven’t seen for a very large number of years!

He now has a very successful career as a photographer, and has recently been tinkering with the following piece of live action video I thought I’d share with everyone – the first in a series that documents the transformation of everyday objects in some way:

Abstract Chocolate 1 on Vimeo

Abstract Chocolate 1 on Vimeo

Called Abstract Chocolate , the piece can be seen on the following Vimeo site >>

Check out Darrin’s more traditional, but still excellent, photographic work here >>


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So, on top of normal business this week, I rather rashly agreed to do a dep gig over the Bank Holiday weekend with a new (to me, at least) band.

Emma Easy is a 22 year old singer/songwriter who crafts some really interesting lyrics and melodies. In addition to solo performances, she also has a bass player and drummer who accompany her at larger concerts – a few gigs arose that her existing bass player couldn’t do, so they asked me to stand in.

Although the bass is not my first instrument, they had seen me depping with country/folk band Navaro, so thought I could do the job. I also know her drummer Dave Morgan (ex-Primal Scream, the Weather Prophets and Rockingbirds, to name but a few…) from my local music scene, and coincidentally used to play in a short-lived jazz/funk band with the bass player some ten or so years ago.

With a half hour of material to learn in ten days, and with only time for one rehearsal, I think the gig went surprisingly well – we were fortunate to be playing outside in lovely weather, near both a canal and a fantastic pub, so the setting at last couldn’t be better!

After the gig, and with photographer/video artist/musician-extraordinaire Ruth ‘Planet Ruth’ Tidmarsh in tow, we took the opportunity of the fine weather to take some publicity shots in the beautiful countryside around where Emma lives. Of the many taken, here is one of my faves…

I’m booked to do a few more with Emma and crew, and am really looking forward to it – a lovely bunch of people!

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